The SEC estimates that it
takes an experienced
professional 148 hours (Form
SB-2) to cover all of the points
required in an offering
prospectus and 16 hours to
prepare the registration
document (Form D).

Most business owners prefer
to invest their time and energy
in the formation and operation
of their own business
enterprise rather than spend
nearly an entire month dealing
with securities offering issues.

Professional Services Include:

• Private Placement Memorandum
• Subscription Agreement
• Investor Suitability Questionnaire
• SEC Form D – Notice of Sale of Securities Pursuant to Regulation D, Section 4(6), and/or
Uniform Limited Offering Exemption
• SEC Form U-2 - Uniform Consent to Service of Process
• SEC Form U-2a - Corporate Acknowledgment
• Federal and State Security Exemption Filings
• Nine Point Stock Valuation
• Exit Strategies
• Stock Buy-Back Calculations
• Introduction to Angel Capital Networks

Security Compliance Specialist?
Experience. We have been developing securities prospectus and engaging in capital acquisition
programs since 1979.

Customer Ease of Operations. We know that most business owners do not have the 148 hours
the SEC estimates it takes to prepare a PPM or the 16 hours to prepare their Notice of Sale of
Securities. In addition each state has different securities filing requirements which requires
delicate attention. We do it all for our clients to make your life just a little bit easier.

Business Stock Valuation. We have developed a nine point stock valuation program that verifies
or suggests a stock pricing structure for you that enables you to go to the market with a realist
stock valuation figure.

Potential Investor Interest. We know exactly what investors are seeking in an investment and
craft the PPM to their preferences.

Exit Strategy. Investors want out. It’s that simple and our PPM’s are designed to meet their exit

Value. Our custom PPM’s include numerous elements which simply are not offered by other PPM service providers.